12 Ways to Tackle EU's Democratic Deficit



Close the Gap: Tackling Europe's Democratic Deficit
Electoral Reform Society

The report by the Electoral Reform Society, an independent campaigning organisation, cites a range of statistics showing the growing disconnect between the EU and the UK polity.

These include low levels of trust in the EU, perceptions it does not listen to UK citizens and a growing preference among citizens for the UK to leave the EU.

The report proposes 12 ways for the EU to connect better with UK citizens.

The proposals include:

  • Introducing more innovative ways to get citizens involved in decision-making, including citizen juries
  • Getting political parties vying for seats in the European Parliament to canvass a wider range of public views on policy issues and select candidates who are more representative of their constituents
  • Nominating more women candidates for the European Parliament
  • Giving the UK Parliament more powers to review UK's policy commitments to the EU

The report concludes: 'the European Parliament should be made more representative, but by increasing the role of citizens and national parliamentarians in the EU structures, the EU can be made more open to bottom-up influence. Multiple levels of engagement should be created so as to give citizens the maximum capability to engage with the EU’s structures.'


Thumbnail image: European Parliament/Flickr.

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Published Date
April 28, 2014