Broken System Can't Fix Nation's Problems



Broken System Can't Fix Nation's Problems
The Australian


The author, one of Australia's most prominent political commentators, sees the failure of the Abbott Government to achieve its higher education reforms as symptomatic of a deepening failure of Australia's political system to achieve major reform and change.

'The key to this defeat does not lie in public opinion, but in a ­dysfunctional and irresponsible political system,' he argues.

He blames myopic political parties for not confronting or discussing the underlying nature of the problems and barriers in the political system to achieving reform, along with factors such as the ease with which opponents to reform can mount and sustain negative campaigns, and an increasingly short-term outlook policy and politics among Australia's political class.

The author also states that even Australia's major reforming Prime Ministers such as Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard would struggle to achieve change in the highly fractious governing environment of 2015.


Paul Kelly

The Australian

Published Date
March 19, 2015