Call to Overhaul UK's Voting System



How badly have we been let down by our voting system?
Unlock Democracy


The author argues that the most significant aspect of the UK's 2015 general election is not the loss of high-profile leaders and other politicians, but the disconnect between the UK's current voting system and what people want from their electoral system.

He points out a number of anomolies with the result, including the fact the Conservative government won a majority in Parliament with just a third of the total vote; while 600,000 more people voted for Labour than the last national election, but the party still lost 26 seats.

'The result is even more extreme when you look at smaller parties', the author states.

'Regardless of which political party you support, this system does not deliver for voters. We have seen commentators from across the political spectrum calling for change in the last few days, from Lord O'Donnell the former Cabinet Secretary to Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP and James Forsyth, the Political Editor of the Spectator.'

He states that the current system is unsustainable because it creates too many safe seats 'and cannot cope with the reality of multi party politics.'

Unlock Democracy, along with other UK democracy reform groups, have started a national petition to have Britain's first-past-the-post voter system reviewed and updated.


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Alex Runswick

Unlock Democracy

United Kingdom
Published Date
May 8, 2015