Canada's Political Parties Fail to Connect With Voters



Political parties – all of them – are failing to connect with Canadians
The Globe and Mail


The authors argue there is significant voter disconnect with Canada's liberal democratic system.

It highlights polling by the Manning Foundation that shows less than two% of Canadians want to a join a political party while 94% of Canadians have little or no idea what political parties do outside election campaigns. Nearly 70% of Canadians, according to the same polling, view political parties negatively.

Moreover, nearly half of the respondents could not suggest an idea or proposal to make political parties more relevant to their lives.

At the same time, the article states, the polling found most Canadians remained interested and focused on important public policy issues such as the economy, social programs and equality.

The articles concludes by urging Canadia's major political parties to reconnect with voters through pursuing shared goals and reducing partisanship.


Thumbnail image: ItzaFineDay/Flickr 

Preston Manning

Manning Centre for Building Democracy

Andre Turcott

Carleton University

Published Date
February 10, 2014