'Democracy in Transition' Conference | 6-8 Dec 2015

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Democratic Futures

Globally we are witnessing an evolution of democratic ideals and models, with new insights and solutions that have the potential to transform democratic societies – the forms they take and the challenges they face.

Whether mature or emerging, operating at local, national or transnational levels, democracies around the world are facing challenges of citizen disengagement, balancing civil rights, freedoms, security and cohesion in rapidly transforming environments. With these challenges come opportunities for building better systems.

This conference presents new insights, collaborative solutions, and the opportunity to proactively develop the discussion on the future of democracy.

Dynamic, Intimate, Engaged Format

This two day conference will be interactive and dynamic, with plenary and panel sessions having a high involvement from the audience made up of 200 leading decision-makers from government, industry, the public service, peak bodies, non-profit organisations and universities from around the globe. Register now, as numbers are limited to provide the opportunity for valuable sharing, collaboration, and networking.

Key Speakers:

  • Mukulika Banerjee (Professor, London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom)
  • Hon. John Brumby (Former State Premier of Victoria, Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne & Monash, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Lisa Wedeen (Professor, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA)
  • Simon Hughes (Former Minister of State for Justice & Civil Liberties, United Kingdom)
  • Maxine McKew (Former Federal Parliamentary Secretary & Senior ABC journalist, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Keping Yu (Professor, University of Beijing, Beijing, China)
  • He Baogang (Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Astri Suhrke (Professor, Christian Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway)
  • John Keane (Professor, University of Sydney & Sydney Democracy Network, Sydney, Australia)
  • Erika Feller (Former Assistant High Commissioner at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sam McLean (Former National Director of Get Up, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Akhil Gupta (Professor, University of California, California, USA)
  • Helen Sullivan (Professor & Foundation Director of the Melbourne School of Government, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Ross Garnaut (Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)