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Democracy Renewal has brought together diverse opinions, analysis and statistics from academics, leaders, journalists and citizens from around the world on the state of contemporary liberal democracy.

Established Western democracies are facing many challenges.

In many of these democracies, governments seem unable to unite around or address some of the big public policy challenges of our time.

Citizen disengagement is on the rise, with many voters, particularly young people, turning their backs on mainstream politics.

Trust in governments and their political leaders is at record lows.

By collating and organising the wealth of research, opinion and statistics on democracy around a simple and straightforward set of categories, Democracy Renewal aimed to contribute to a better public understanding and debate about the scope of the challenges and why they may be occuring.

We sought to highlight the many practical solutions that democracies and citizens around the world are putting in place to address these challenges.

We have not tried to advance any particular argument. Rather, we aimed to to help foster a thoughtful and considered discussion about democracy.

We hope this website plays an important role in gathering information and raising awareness on the political, policy and governance challenges of the 21st century.


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