Gender Quotas Around the World



QuotaProject: Global Database of Quotas for Women


The Global Database of Quotas for Women, a joint project of The International IDEA, Inter-Parliamentary Union and Stockholm University, tracks the use of electoral quotas for women throughout the world. The project defines electoral quotas as 'mandatory or targeted percentages of women candidates for public elections'.

The database defines three major types of quotas: 

  • Legislated Candidate Quotas: reserves a number of places on electoral lists for female candidates.
  • Reserved Seats: reserves a number of legislative seats for women.
  • Voluntary Political Party Quota: rules or targets set by parties to include a minimum percentage of women as election candidates.

The source of a gender quota can vary as well. They may be found in:

  • Constitution: the quota provision is embedded in a country's Constitution;
  • Electoral law: quotas are mandated in the laws of the country; or
  • Political Party Statute: quotas for the electoral lists are formulated in political party rules or by-laws.

As of 2015, over 120 countries have some form of electoral gender quota.

Users can search by country or region and can refine search results according to Quota Type, Quota Source and level of government.


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