Has the World Become Too Complex for Democracy?



The Complexity Crisis: We Are Asking Too Much of Our Politicians
Wall Street Journal


In this article, US political commentator and historian Peggy Noonan highlights the growing complexity of big policy decisions now confronting elected representatives including international treaties, tax, climate emergencies, infastructure and bio-ethical isssues.

Noonon asks whether the world has simply become too difficult for politicians to understand and legislate around.

She also raises the question as to whether the multitude of complex policy issues might be one of the reasons why politicians retreat into short-termism to guide them in policy making and political decisions.

She concludes elected representatives are now 'overwhelmed and out of their depth' by what she describes as 'The Increasing Complexity of Everything'. But she also argues that despite this, they must rely on common sense to make correct policy decisions.


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Peggy Noonan

Wall Street Journal

Published Date
July 13, 2006