How Our Leaders Have Lost Their Way



How Our Leaders Have Lost Their Way
The Age


The author argues Australian politics is becoming more volatile.

There have been five changes of prime minister in less than eight years. There have been 11 changes of leadership within the two major parties at a federal level in just over 10 years. The voters of Queensland and Victoria recently threw out their state governments after just one term.

This instability is not because of a succession of leadership failures. The author argues it is becoming more difficult for politicians to make good decisions about the future and implement those decisions.

Political leaders have less time for debate and deliberation due to the 24-hour media cycle and social media which demand responses to issues of the day.

Policy problems such as climate change, social inequality and the economy are becoming more complex.

Political parties can’t count on stable blocs of voter support, because voters have become less likely to always support one party.

The author concludes the Australian political system needs major change and that voters need more say than simply voting every three to four years.


Thumbnail image: House of Respresentatives, Canberra. Credit: Wikipedia, JJ Harrison

Mark Triffitt

The University of Melbourne

Published Date
February 9, 2015