How to Reform Britain’s Constitution



After the Referendum: Options for a Constitutional Convention
The Constitution Society

The author argues the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence raises the need to re-think key constitutional questions for Britain through a national constitutional convention.

The report highlights the key considerations for such a convention. They include:

  • Rationale: What is the purpose of the convention process? Should a completely new constitution be developed or just specific changes to the existing constitution?
  • Representation: Who is represented at the convention? Do particular groups deserve specific or special representation?
  • Operation: Should the convention and its recommendations be informed by expert commissions or citizens’ assembles?
  • Recommendations: How are these dealt with? Does a special body put the convention’s recommendations directly into law? Or should they go to a referendum of voters?

The 124-page report also highlights the rationale and process of how national and state constitutions have been devised or altered around the world, including case studies from Canada, The Netherlands and Iceland.


Thumbnail image: Lawrence OP/Flickr

Alan Renwick

University of Reading

United Kingdom
Published Date
September 22, 2014