Improving Voter Turnout by Under-Represented Groups



Improving Voting Turnout by Under‐Represented Groups
Democratic Audit Australia, Swinburne University


The author argues that beneath what appears to be a high election turnout by voters in Australia, other key indicators of electoral participation are in decline such as enrolment and the rate of informal voting.

The 2010 federal election saw the informal vote jump by 1.6% to 5.6%.

The 2010 election also saw 93.2% of voters turn out, the lowest since the 1954‐1955 elections.

Up to 1.5 million eligible Australians are absent from the electoral roll.

The author argues that groups like the young, elderly, indigenous, homeless, voters with disabilities and those from non‐English‐speaking backgrounds are over-represented among non-enrolees.

Greater effort must be made to increase participation among these groups through better education about the electoral process and removing structural barriers to voter registration.


Thumbnail image: bewareofdog/Flickr

Rob Hoffman

Swinburne University

Published Date
July 14, 2011