Lobbyists Outnumber Bureaucrats at EU Headquarters



30,000 Lobbyists and Counting: Is Brussels Under Corporate Sway?
The Guardian


The author looks at the growing influence on lobbyists on law and policy-making in the European Union.

It cites estimates that there are at least 30,000 lobbyists in the EU's headquarters in Brussels, which almost equals the 31,000 staff employed by the European Commission.

As a result, the EU is 'second only to Washington in the concentration of those seeking to affect legislation ... by some estimates, they influence 75% of legislation'.

The author reviews the influence of lobbyists on several key areas of industry and social policy, such as energy, tobacco, high tech and consumer protection.

It also looks at the so-called 'revolving door' phenomenon in which influential EU politicians and advisors become lobbyists, advising major companies and other influential groups on strategies to ensure support or passage of legislation favourable to their interests.


Thumbnail image: MPD01605/Flickr. 

Ian Traynor

The Guardian

Published Date
May 8, 2014