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Canada to the Rescue!
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The author argues that the time is ripe for a discussion on a political merger of the US and Canada because the US political system is by and large failing.

She points to endemic policy gridlock in the US, particularly over budget reform, to argue that the political and policy status quo is unsustainable and that on key governance markets such as accountability and efficiency, the US system is failing.

The author argues that merging with Canada's political system would address many current dysfunctions of the US political system.

She contends that Canada's political system – modelled on the British Westminster system – is far less combative and far more successful in achieving consensual outcomes, as well as injecting new ideas into the policy system while keeping special interests at bay.

The Canadian system also joins together their executive and legislative branches in a more effective fashion, the author argues, allowing the Prime Minister to be like a 'CEO working in concert with executive and management teams'.

The author concludes: 'when it comes to politics Washington historically cannot, short of a system-threatening domestic or national security crisis, deliver decisiveness, transparency, accountability, or alignment with the public interest. This is not because bad people operate within a good system; it is because the system itself is flawed, and those flaws stand out against the backdrop of the 21st Century in ways that have never before been so apparent.'

'Canada’s businesslike parliamentary governance template, along with its untapped resources and America’s economic strength, would establish an unbeatable superpower,' the author argues.


Thumbnail image: Embassy of Canada/Flickr

Diane Francis

National Post

Published Date
August 18, 2014