Micro-Parties Tap into Dissatisfaction



Micro-Parties Tap into Dissatisfaction
The Drum, Australian Broadcasting Corporation


The author examines the rise of micro-parties at the federal election in Australia in 2013 and concludes the situation is evidence of voter dissatisfaction with the major parties (Liberals, Nationals, Labor or Greens).

The author claims that in the 2013 federal election nearly a quarter of all Australians did not vote for a major party in the Senate as their first preference.

He argues that moves to change the electoral system so micro-parties can’t gain preference flows ignore what he believes is the fundamental point: that a significant proportion of voters are not happy with policies or performance of the major parties and the major parties are not addressing the problem.


Thumbnail image: The Australian Senate. Credit: The Greens, Flickr

Chris Berg

Institute of Public Affairs

Published Date
April 8, 2014