Money Talks Loudly in 2014 US Congress Elections



Money in Politics: More Than a Game
Echo Chambers blog, BBC


The author argues the campaign finance landscape in the US has been fundamentally altered in recent years.

He argues that the two main political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, are no longer the main players in terms of campaign funding.

Other groups and individuals have been given new legal freedom to run political campaigns to get particular individuals elected and unlike the political parties they may not have caps on the funds they can raise, or be required to make public where the money is coming from.

Some organisations such as the National Rifle Association, have pretty clear agendas and full disclosure, but groups can be backed by wealthy individuals.

It is undeniable that the campaign finance landscape has been fundamentally altered in the past four years.

The author doesn’t draw any conclusions as to whether this is good or bad: 'Maybe it's democracy in action. Maybe it's the oligarchy ascendant. Either way, it's how politics is played in the US today.'


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Anthony Zurcher
Published Date
October 30, 2014