Only Half of Canadians Think Their Democracy is Working



Poll: Only 55% believe democracy working well in Canada
Toronto Star


The article highlights the findings of a national survey of Canadians' views of their democratic system, conducted by democracy think-tank Samara.

The poll found only 55% of those surveyed thought democracy was working well.

This compared to a 75% positive response to the same question asked of Canadians in 2004.

Moreover, only 36% of Canadians in the 2012 survey said they were satisfied with the job their elected represetnatives were doing on the issues such as “holding the government to account,” “representing the views of constituents” and “managing constituents’ concerns.”

These findings reflect those of Samara's “exit interviews” of departing elected representatives who expressed frustration that political partisanship was getting in the way of effectively representing their constituents.

Thumbnail image: emmettgrrrl/Flickr

Susan Delacourt
Published Date
December 3, 2012