Political Inequality in the UK and Why it Matters



Divided Democracy: Political inequality in the UK and why it matters
Institute for Public Policy Research


The report by the Institute for Public Policy Research looks specifically at what it calls the ‘inequality of turnout’ among the British public.

The report suggests that those least likely to vote are young people and the least affluent, which means their concerns are the least likely to be heard and acted on by those in power.

It concludes that ‘radical measures’ are needed to reverse this trend and it recommends that voting be made compulsory in Britain.

The reports states that: ‘Unequal turnout is not only bad for democracy, it also poses serious questions about the ability of the UK government to tackle the long-term strategic challenges the country faces.’


 Thumbnail image: Students protest in London, November 2011. Credit: Chris Beckett, Flickr

Sarah Birch

University of Glasgow

Glenn Gottfried

Institute for Public Policy Research

Guy Lodge

Institute for Public Policy Research

United Kingdom
Published Date
November 10, 2013