Political Standards Declining Say UK Voters



Audit of Engagement Report 2014
Hansard Society


The Audit of Political Engagement is an annual survey by the Hansard Society on the UK’s democratic system and the way citizens see politics and the political process. At the time of publishing, the co-presidents of the Hansard Society were David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

The 2014 report focuses on the behaviour and accountability of MPs.

Key finding include:

  • Only 33% of voters think that the system of governing in Britain works ‘extremely’ or ‘mainly’ well.
  • Only 31% believe that ‘when people like me get involved in politics, they really can change the way that the UK is run’.
  • Just 21% agree that ‘politicians are behaving in a more professional way than they were a few years ago’.
  • 67% of the public say politicians ‘don’t understand the daily lives of people like me’.
  • 77% agree that politicians ‘should have to undertake regular ethics and standards training'.

The survey founds that many young people believe that having all MPs on Facebook or Twitter would be an effective means of holding politicians to account.


Thumbnail image: UK Parliament/Flickr



United Kingdom
Published Date
April 30, 2014