Poor Leadership Blamed for Tax Reform Impasse



Australia's Luck Ran Out When It Came to Leaders
The Age


The author argues Australia's potential is being stymied by the current lack of poor political leadership on both sides of politics, which is leading to policy inertia.

He cites the current debate about tax reform as evidence that quality of political leadership is not up to scratch in steering Australia toward better policy outcomes.

He states Australia needs to reform its GST and make the tax system simpler and more user-friendly for all taxpayers.

And while the current political leadership seems able to steer these and other policy ideas into political reality, the tax reform conversation is still worth having to raise public debate and awareness.

'[W]e willingly pay tax because most of us know that generally government is good,' the author states.

'But even without increasing the tax take, the way it is collected has to change. We just need first-rate leaders to do it.'


Thumbnail image: Alan Cleaver/Flickr.

Tim Dick

The Age

Published Date
April 12, 2015