Record Low Turnout in Japanese Election



Low voter turnout mars Abe’s claim of election triumph
The Japan Times


Japan's ruling LDP party was re-elected by a comfortable margin in the December 2014 national election. However, voter turnout was just 52.66% – an all-time record low. The number of voter abstentions surged from 63.9 million in 2009 to 98.4 million.

This is first time turnout in a Japanese national election has dropped below 59% and reflects voters' disappointment with both the ruling and opposition parties. A post-election survey found that 65% of respondents believed that the LDP won because it was 'less unsatisfactory' than the other parties and 55% 'wished the LDP had won fewer seats'.

You can track the history of voter turnout in Japan here.


Thumbnail image: Japanese President Shinzō Abe. Day Donaldson/Flickr


Reiji Yoshida

The Japan Times

Published Date
December 17, 2014