February 10, 2015

Data compiled by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation shows how many leadership changes there have been since 2002.


Figures compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union show many new democracies are electing a higher percentage of women than Western democracies.


Who Leads Us is a website which compares the characteristics of those elected to US assemblies with those of the citizens they serve.

June 5, 2012

A 2012 survey by The Lowy Institute finds less than 40% of young Australians think democracy is a good thing. 


A database published by International IDEA, Inter-Parliamentary Union and Stockholm University provides information on the use of electoral quotas for women.

September 1, 2014

The Economist's annual survey on democracy's health across the world finds all is far from well. 


The University of Oxford's Max Roser has created a number of visualisations of the state of democracy across the world and throughout recent history. 

June 1, 2005

A study by Peter Mair for the University of California's Centre for the Study of Democracy shows that in Western European democracies key indicators of the system's health have dropped markedly since the 1990s. 

February 20, 2014

Data from the Australian National University illustrates trends in Australian public opinion on politics over a 25 year period.