Trends in Australian Political Opinion



Trends in Australian Political Opinion: Results from the Australian Electoral Study
Australian Electoral Study, ANU


This report from the Australian National University illustrates trends in Australian public opinion on politics and related matters over more than 25 years. It builds a more comprehensive picture of public opinion than most opinion polls, which merely provide a snapshot of opinion over a period of days or weeks.

The data is taken from responses to surveys containing the same questions and the same methodology, from 1987-2013 or longer.

Graphs include data on voter volatility, the difference in policy between the main parties, respondents’ level of interest in politics, the extent of respondents’ political participation, the role of media, and perceptions of election campaigns.


Thumbnail image: Starr61, Flickr

Ian McAllister

Australian National University

Sarah Cameron

Australian National University

Published Date
February 20, 2014