UK Parliament Moves to Put Democracy Online



Open Up! Report of the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy
UK Parliament


The report, commissioned by the Speaker of the House of Commons, looks at how the British Parliament might use the internet, technology and social media to make it easier for citizens to participate in and understand the political system.

The report's 34 recommendations include:

  • By 2020, all voters should be able to understand what the House of Commons does
  • By 2020, all voters should be able to vote online
  • By 2020, the parliament should be fully interactive and digital
  • Online forums should be trialled to allow the public to have a direct say in parliamentary debates
  • All parliamentary information should be available online

The report's recommendations are the result of community consultation about how the political system could make better use of digital technologies to engage with citizens and provide greater access to information and political participation.

Releasing the report, John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons said: 'This report provides a comprehensive roadmap to break down barriers to public participation. It also makes recommendations to facilitate better scrutiny and improve the legislative process.'


Thumbnail image: William Warby/Flickr

United Kingdom
Published Date
January 26, 2015