Is the US Devolving into a Plutocracy?



5 Signs America is devolving into a plutocracy


The author argues that there are emerging signs of a new political and governing system that has not yet been named:

  • Political campaigns and elections that are increasingly being funded by a very small group of the richest Americans
  • Increasing privatisation of the state, particularly in areas of defence and security
  • Continuing gridlock and Congressional inaction across a broad range of policy areas
  • The rise of a national security state as a new, unchecked and secretive fourth branch of government
  • The acquiescence of much of the American public

Taken together, the author believes that these elements add to more than a passing crisis in the US political system.


Thumbnail image: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

Tom Engelhardt

The Nation Institute

Published Date
March 23, 2015