Is US Politics Representative?



Who Leads Us
Women Donors Network


Who Leads Us, a website which is funded by the Women Donor Network, aims to promote awareness about the state of elected representation in the US and whether it reflects the voice of citizens.

It surveyed the race and gender composition of more than 42,000 American elected officials in 2014 and found 'the face of America’s leadership bears little resemblance to our country’s population'.

Specifically it found that:

  • White men in the US hold four times the political power of women and people of color
  • 31% of the US population controls 65% of elected offices
  • 71% of elected officials are men, 90% are white, and 65% are white men
The organisation is calling for reforms to create more representative elected systems and assemblies, and in turn what it calls a 'more reflective democracy'.
Thumbnail image: DryHundredFear/Flickr