Western Countries Backslide on Democracy



The Democratic Disconnect: Citizenship and Accountability in the Transatlantic Community
Transatlantic Academy


The report argues that Western democracies are experiencing an unprecedented disconnect between governments and their citizens.

It argues this disconnect is due to declining accountability and responsiveness to citizens' concerns for example in the United States, Canada and Europe, as well as the growing influence of international and market agendas on domestic politics and policy-making.

'Democratic crises are not new,' the report states, 'but what is different today is the cumulative and accelerating impact of globalisation, technology and markets on democratic accountability and concepts of citizenship'.

The report calls for a range of changes, including sanctions against European Union countries that restrict democratic freedoms, the promotion of greater citizen engagement among US voters, and for Western democracies to engage more with civic and community groups.

It calls for a reinvigoration of 'liberalism' rather than moves towards authoritarianism.


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Published Date
May 2, 2013