Women Remain Under-represented in Major Democracies



Women in National Parliaments
Inter-Parliamentary Union


The data is based on information provided by national parliaments in democratically-elected countries around the world and compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The nations with the highest percentage of women in parliament are Rwanda, Bolivia, Cuba, the Seychelles and Sweden. The lowest are Sudan, Yemen, Vanuatu, Tonga, Qatar, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

The figures show United States has 19.4% of women in Congress and 20% in the Senate, which is a lower percentage than Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya.

Overall, it ranks 72nd in terms of women representation out of 140 countries with national assemblies.

The UK ranks 58th in the world with 22.8% of women in the House of Commons and 24.1% in the House of Lords, behind China and Kyrgyzstan.

Australia ranks 42nd behind countries with 26.7% of women representative in its House of Representatives and 38.2% in its Senate, behind Afghanistan and the Philippines.


Thumbnail image: Umushyikirano 2013, Rwanda Parliament. By Rwanda Government/Flickr